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Waste Management

Meru’s Distillery Waste water Management & solutions are designed with the main objective of maximizing the use & recycle of the waste water and spent wash to achieve zero liquid discharge level.

A) Spent wash generation 1 : 3.5 Lit/Lit at source in Cane juice feed stock
70% recycle of raw spent wash
B) Spent wash generation 1 : 7.0 Lit/Lit in Molasses feed stock
30% -35 % recycle of raw spent wash

Over 5 eco-friendly and cost effective options adhering to pollution norms are offered to the clients. Stand-alone evaporation and integrated evaporation with standard features of ease of operation, less cleaning time, user friendly, lesser utility consumption are offered to clients.



A) Integrated Evaporation, Concentration up To 25%
The integrated evaporation highly efficient compact design solution does not require additional steam and the energy from analyzer column vapours is utilized.

B) Stand alone Evaporation, Evaporation Up to 50 % Solid Concentration
The stand alone evaporation highly efficient compact design solution operates at lower steam consumption.



■ Reduction of BOD & COD levels in raw spent wash, generated methane gas is used in Boiler to save feed stock such as :
- Bagasse
- Coal
- Rice husk, etc.



■ Flexibility to client is provided by -
a) Raw spent Wash
b) Raw spent Wash after Biogas
c) Raw spent wash after evaporation.


■ The polishing unit removes contaminants like silica, iron oxides, chlorides, sodium, suspended crude etc. present in the return condensate, thereby improving the quality of condensate and recycling back to process water utilization.


■ Meru designed Boilers with lowest downtime and cleaning period can be operated using concentrated Spent wash that can be used as fuel with Bagasse or Coal.